Summer Holiday Days 32-33

30 Jun

I almost secured the Buster of the Week Award by missing my 6:10 flight this morning. Luckily for me Southwest Airlines has the best customer service in the aviation game. I fux with them hard. No change of flight fees or checked bags fees, and friendly personnel makes them my go to even if I find a cheaper flight. They don’t try to slip them hidden fees on you like other airlines. Anyway, they got me to Minneapolis eventually, by putting me on standby and voila! I’m currently kicking it in the Portland of the midwest. Why are they the Portland of the midwest?

Well let’s see:

Home Brew hysteria? Check.  Lots of bridges connecting the city over a major river? Check. Gorgeous summers to balance out 8 months of shitty weather? Check. Strip clubs on ever corner? Check. Black people pushed out to the northeast side of town. Check. The only thing this town is missing is the legalized weed. C’mon Jesse Ventura. Make it happen Capn’

I like this town though. I’ll definitely have to come up for a baseball game (the stadium is sick), or even come watch the Teen Wolves play during the upcoming basketball season. #thisagoodassgame

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