Poems for the Fall

27 Oct

Crow Hill Autumn

Cold Wind.

First snow of winter in October

Silent as crystals.

All that falls from above comes over

The north hill-

Bent and bruised poplars, beeches

The weeds, Queen Anne’s lace.

Apple trees.

Golden delicious sunlight glistens

Off their skins, delicate snow,

And I can only listen to the crisp crunch,

Biting into them the sound of snowfall.

The sunlight lingers on each flake

In a bed of reflection,

Like a winter lake sleeping.

Dormant is a long time

For each cotton stalk.

Songbirds are silent

On these days, reserved,

For a distant look

Into a life

Spilled on the road.

Limbo of Infants 

November is forever falling leaves

As long as I can remember

The scattered piles of the day’s labor

Undone by the icy wind

Whispering words of childhood names:

Rover, Polo, Oxen free.

Of all the seasons I prefer the autumn

Sending her children forth,

Each one a wish,

A lifetime.

These curled corpses of spring

End up on the embers of a distant fire.

~S.D. Hildebrand


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