Personals Ad

28 Nov

Mildly attractive, cocky basketball junkie looking for sophisticated, smart, funny, and moderately attractive woman to engage in sexual activities 7-14 times a week, and with whom to possibly travel the world.


An appreciation for basketball a plus, but not a necessity. Must be tolerant of sports talk radio, loud music at 2 AM, and the occasional smell of Marijuana coming from the front porch. Intellectual conversations are welcome as long as they don’t turn pretentious, and silence is greatly appreciated (especially during basketball seasons).


I’m not much for drama. I live a simple life. that includes work and lifting weights (sporadically). In my spare time I write about, play, and watch basketball. Everything else in life is gravy (including you).


Serious inquiries only. Please contact at given address.


Bobby Mickey



~Edward Austin Robertson


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