Concentric Circles (For Travis L.)

4 Jun

I instinctively reached out to turn the dial when Glenn Frey started singing.

Brought back memories, that eased my hands back onto the steering wheel,

thoughts of driving through backwoods; similar to the roads back home.


Maybe music was just as much about memory as it was taste.

I hated the Eagles.

But I had to admit they were always on the radio

during those times in my life

when we were forced to make interesting things happen

(not always for the best).


Sometimes the best parts of the week were spent

carpooling to community college,

crumpling herb on the outsides of CD cases,

rolling doobies on the insides of CD booklets.

Idling through the car wash machine

dropping acid and

plotting the next 2-3 years of our lives.


Our social circles expand,

then tighten,

then constrict some more.


Phone calls become emails, become texts on birthday,

and special occasions–

which become likes to status updates on Facebook.

And that is life.

It is perfectly normal to still love those who aren’t around

in your everyday.

A thought that willed me to turn the station to something more palatable.


~Edward Austin Robertson


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