Moment of Truth

15 Dec

America is finally being honest about what it wants. White Supremacist are making their power play as the nation prepares for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Coded language; once a necessity, is no longer needed in this new regime of open racism.  This “new” reality has come as a shock for many self-described “liberals”, but for most black and brown people, all of this is old hat.

People can lament the direction this country is going in, but the truth is that nothing has changed at all. The only difference between this era and past eras here in America is that there are more camera phones to film the onslaught of racial slurs, civilian attacks and police brutality. Despite the increasing number of racially motivated attacks on minorities, many people are still in denial about what is happening in this country.

Unfortunately, black Americans cannot afford to be in denial right now. It is time for us to stop wasting our energy on protests (marching,kneeling etc.), town hall meetings, and think pieces about the “race problem” in America. Blacks need to stop trying to elicit sympathy from whites and start preparing for this new regime.

As I see it, blacks have 3 options: 1) We can arm ourselves to the teeth and prepare for the impending race war coming down the pipeline  2) Get our passports ready, make an appeal to the UN about this country’s systematic human rights violations, pool our resources together as a block, and find countries that will allow us to apply for refugee status with their governments.3) Continue to do nothing and hope that we can survive the next 4-8 year wave of rampant White Supremacist backlash.

Many intellectuals believe that the key to black progress is to work within the system; by becoming lawyers and policeman and judges, but perhaps it is time for us to consider something that many people are thinking, but no one wants to openly admit–that this country was never meant for us. The constitution was not written with us in mind, and though we are quick to stand up to honor the flag during the national anthem, the song’s lyrics are questionable at best.

For centuries, we’ve been humiliated , punished, assaulted, tortured and murdered while the judicial system not only turns a blind eye to this treatment, the courts actually encourage and enable this denigration that is occurring on a massive level. If we stop to consider how the law is enacted unevenly towards whites and blacks in this country (war on drugs, death penalty, racist policing tactics), then it is hard to not at least wonder if the system is not indeed against us.

While some non-minorities wear safety pins and claim to be in our corner, there are still far too many who conveniently ignore the reality that blacks and other minorities are facing in this new age of open racism. Maybe it is just time for us blacks to GTFOH. We can no longer fool ourselves in this political climate.  We have to stop identifying as Americans citizens and face up to the fact that (unless you weren’t born here) we are really Prisoners of War in this country.

Coming from a fairly assimilated family background, I thought racism was a regional thing that could be escaped once I moved out of the south. Although I’d never let the social construct of race define my personal worth or what I could and could not do, I was forced to understand that it affected others perception of how I should behave and think.

Dissatisfied with what Texas had to offer, I spent my post-college years trying to find an environment for a black man to raise a family. Though some states and cities are safer than others, my biggest lesson as an adult has been that there is no place free from racism. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Austin can fly their liberal flags, but it is pretty easy to make these claims when the majority of your populace is white.

At best you can say these are racially tolerant cities, but there is a huge difference between feeling safe and accepted, and feeling tolerated. The safest American city to live as a minority might be New York City, and that is a rapidly gentrifying city that only recently rescinded their racist “Stop and Frisk” campaign of brown people.

Race has been an issue in this country since the end of the Civil War, and I can’t figure out why we insist on living in a country where we are not welcome. My suggestion to blacks is to research your family tree as far back as you can trace it, and take a DNA test. honor your ancestors and go back home. Next year about this time, this country will be facing a recession and if the United States is not at war, it will be preparing for some sort of major conflict overseas. I wouldn’t recommend any minority to go and fight for a country that continually fails to recognize their basic human rights.

Private prisons are on the rise. Weapons defense stocks shot up the minute news that Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Trump has promised to get tougher on crime in the “African-American” community which means more police in black neighborhoods. Known White Supremacists have been appointed to various cabinet positions inside the White House, and Trump even suggested that his regime will require Muslims to sign into a registry. This is a very precarious time period.

Generations of families have been destroyed by the prison system, the education system and  the sabotage of any economic success within the black community. With an astonishing number of African American’s warrior class dead or behind bars, this generation of youth is highly vulnerable to the social dangers that await young people with little to no guidance. We are a banana peel away from slipping into ethnic cleansing.

White Supremacist will continue to kill more minorities with impunity while white liberals only pretend to care or look away. Blacks rights will be slowly stripped away in the courts while their lives are being take in the streets. What has been for some time an oligarchy is soon becoming fascism.

Blacks will be the first manner of business on the right-wing agenda. All the blacks who are not imprisoned (and thus enslaved) will be killed, deported, or sent to war. Once that is achieved you will see all the dissenting intellectuals and artists imprisoned or killed. Then everyone who doesn’t fit in with the plans to advance the white Germanic (heterosexual) race will be disposed of systematically as the White Supremacist makes one final push to destroy civilization, and bring about another Dark Age.

We can sit around and pray to a God that they pushed upon us Black people. We can cry into cameras and make hashtags for each additional tragedy that befalls us. We can continue to have silly, symbolic gestures to show our dissatisfaction with a White Supremacist system that has kept us under its thumb since the very first time we met Europeans.

Our pleas for sympathy and humanity have been heard, and America gave us our response in the form of the 2016 presidential election. No one is going to help us. We must help ourselves. This country is facing a grim reality, and whatever happens the next  four years people will look to do what is best for themselves and their family.

Blacks have tried everything to get along with whites here in the United States. When we built our own towns and economic base, angry whites came along and found an excuse to sabotage or burn it down. When blacks were allowed to live and go to school with whites, whites fled the cities for the suburbs,  but then came back to the cities once more blacks found access to the better schools and environments for their children out in those suburbs.

It is time to acknowledge that this integration experiment just isn’t working. I know it is scary to think about, but we have no choice. What do we have to lost this point? We can choose to stay here as prey while we get picked off one by one, then hauled off in mass towards an unsavory demise, or we can take our chances across the ocean where the unknown awaits us (the randomness of dying in a terrorist attack doesn’t sting as much as to me as a targeted execution by a White Supremacist). If death or imprisonment is imminent, I’d rather be buried on the home soil of my ancestors than in a massive grave built by my oppressors.




 profile pic b mick  Bobby Mickey is the alter ego of writer and poet Edward Austin Robertson. When he isn’t involved in some basketball related activity, actively looking for parties to deejay or venues to perform comedy, he can be found recording podcasts with Craig Stein at FullsassStudios. Follow him on twitter @clickpicka79. For booking inquiries, send contact info to




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