B sides from 2004

9 Sep

                                                           Absence of Self


Consider it a bad trip.

To hell and back.

The black hole

that was her soul.






and revelations.

He was lonely because he had lost himself.

Broken tattered and shattered

holding onto an ideal.

He was torn in two

his shredded psyche

his soul

saw the bursting

girls’ lips

where love was a sweet high breeze

holding the night forever.


exhausted all possibilities

tried to curb his expectations

in order

to soften his disappointment.

Melted down.

Lost himself to regain himself.

Created a new narrative

the person he once knew

the person he wanted to know.

The idealist

the dreamer

and the screamer.

The romantic realist.

The Machiavellian hippie.

Not just single now,

but a focused bachelor.

~Edward Austin Robertson






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