Power Couple

20 Oct

Spent the sunny afternoon driving around town

looking for a birthday present

for her.

Struggling to curb my enthusiasm.


Looking at what was ahead of me

the period of time that all my favorite poets wrote about

The phase of life where stimulation, excitement and thrills

segue into stability, focus, and domestication


This was probably the happiest time period of my life

but I wasn’t going to admit that to her

or to myself.

Because it was when you let your guard down

that life hit you the hardest

I wasn’t going to get carried away.


If my cumulative experiences have taught me anything,

it was that you never knew what was waiting around for you

around the corner.


I wasn’t going to get caught slipping,

running around town

smiling like shit was sweet.


But I was happy enough.

She asked me to grade our relationship

I said “right now, a 90 percent. Because we still have room to grow.”


She feigned an appalled look,

as if things were perfect,

or that they could ever be.


I knew plenty of couples who would be happy with an 85 average.

I felt like we were the fortunate ones.

We were in a situation of our own choosing

And still free to pursue lots of dreams together

–albeit with very little time to waste.

Not only was 90 a passing grade

But it is considered an A in most of academia

Under the circumstances, a 90 percent was pretty damn phenomenal.

I knew plenty of couples who’d never even hit 90 percent in one day.

~Edward Austin Robertson



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