B Side from 2010

25 Oct

Bedroom Jollies


One time an ex-girlfriend

and I were

fooling around

while I was battling the flu.

She tried giving

me a hand job

while I was standing


and I passed out against

the wall.

It felt so good

I couldn’t

dare ask

her to stop.


That night

was not nearly as


as when

I didn’t


my hands thoroughly

after making a

pizza with jalapeno


I guiltily


when her hoo-hah

started burning

and she immediately

jumped from

the bedroom

to the shower.


It was funny

until my balls

started burning so


that I strongly


dipping them

into a bowl of milk

(I settled for

the sink.).


When it subsided

she and I

went back to bed

freshly washed

to get

down to business.


Another reason

why food

and sex isn’t

always a good mix.


~Edward Austin Robertson


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