Trixie ( For Jennifer Reich)

1 Feb

Trixie and I immediately hit it off

at the karaoke bar that we met.

she was always down to take a drive around the city–

no matter how early or late it was in the morning.


Trixie was fearless.

She’d crash any party,

loved getting a taste,

appreciated good music, and 

worked for a video game company.

There was genuine love between us:

platonic, but with a tinge of sexual curiosity.

I think it was our laughter that kept getting in the way 

of us getting it on.

We just liked spending time together

And just wanted to see the other person happy. 


Had it been any other night

that we tried to hook up

Perhaps it would’ve been something more celebratory

rather than consolatory.

I’m glad that she stepped in and said she wasn’t ready

because it may have made for some sad balling 

steeped in confusion; full of false starts and delay of games.


We salvaged the weekend by driving up the coast

to Monterrey and Pebble Beach; listening to Ween

and stopping every so often

for whatever snack we had a hankering for.

Later that night,

she kissed me goodbye

at the San Jose Caltrans station

and I never saw her again.


I knew it wasn’t meant to be because

Trixie couldn’t cook eggs worth a damn.

But Trixie was a damn  good friend. 

I wish I still knew her.



~Edward Austin Robertson


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