Come Live With Me (Angel)

6 Feb

Swaying, swinging notes

with a hard bottom to accompany a smooth melody.

Things really take off during the middle section when the tempo picks up.

You can feel the players stretching out

loosening up

playing rich layers of dense funk.

The percussion is less contained during this stretch–fast without the restraints.

But the drummer never loses control.

He keeps it tight.

He’s the bus driver.

Everyone can go wild,

but the drummer holds it all together.

But everyone seem to let go at the very end

at the exact same time

for a brief  second,

then back together again.

With fluid bass lines

that catch all the snare hits.

Horn playing like soft whispers

The undercurrent of sex in his singing

hinting at excitement, attraction, curiosity, and anticipation;

but still playing it cool–

spilling out, but never completely spilling over. 







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