6 Feb

Such a big boy to cross the street all by himself
walked to Braum’s and got a 1/4 cheeseburger, fries, and a giant limeade.
He crossed safely back towards the apartments on Audelia,

deftly maneuvered through traffic like a game of Frogger.
Before his feet even touched the sidewalk there was a splat!
Half of his limeade ran out onto the curb

and down into the street.
Near the bottom of the cup

remained a few sips–with more ice than liquid.

He a took deep hard look at the oncoming traffic
coming from both directions and decided to not go back across.
He ached for the limeade that was lost,
wishing for more than a cup of tap water

to wash down the burger and fries
while he watched Bosom Buddies and It’s a Living

on the 13 inch Magnavox. 


~Edward Austin Robertson


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