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Geekin’ out on J. Cole

31 Jan

Some real spit during this conversation last month between J. Cole and Angie Martinez (Most kids my age loved Jenny McCarthey, but at 15, I was into Angie–Rap City ya’ll!!).

For the whole, a good interview, but I got a little annoyed every time she joked about the conversation being “too depressing.” Worth a listen though, if you don’t have time for that, at least check out the Letterman appearance he’d made the night before. For all the goofy shit that Grantland posts on its website, I don’t remember one mention of this performance. I guess it was not entertaining enough.


Geeking out on Bill Murray and David Letterman

5 Nov

Really takes you back to different time. I realized after watching this that I have always thought of Jack Black as a cruder, less funny, hacky Bill Murray.

Missed these guys last week because the Playoffs were on

11 May