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Man of God

17 Aug

That’s right. I’m in business. Ordained minister at your service. Weddings, circumcisions, Hell I can even start my own church. But I’m gonna be handing out marriage licenses like hotcakes. Bmick the rogue minister–like a comic book character. Traveling the country performing weddings and excorcisms. They’ll make a movie about me, Donald Glover will star as me.

And as you can see, the proof is in the pudding.

All you gotta do is ask and I'll bless your nuptials before the state of your choosing.

Donald Glover

8 Oct

Dis Cat is blowing up. He’s a legitimate triple threat: Writer for 30 Rock, actor, and standup.
and he’s only 26. I think he’s got the potential to be huge.


*********Editor’s Note****** This was before I realized that Community sucked and before I’d heard any of his rap lyrics! But I’ll eat the Buster of the Week award for this post!!!! Shout Out to Carles from Hipster Runoff