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Loosely Connected Thoughts From This Past Weekends’ Baseball Games

18 Oct

Some of you may have noticed that there was no ALCS ADHD Playoff Preview this past weekend on Fullsass.com. It is not because I think American League ball is inferior (even though I do), and it is not because I think that Cleveland is racist for their dismissive attitude in demeaning depictions of Indigenous Peoples (although I do).


We had a post lined up, but we experienced some site difficulties and the series was already 2-0, in favor of Cleveland by the time we got things right (as of 1:30 pm today, Cleveland is up 3-0 and have yet another game in an hour and a half). For what it is worth, I had Cleveland winning in 7 games, but that is a moot point, because that organization is wack, and their fans are wack for perpetuating something so blatantly disrespectful as Chief Wahoo.


Anyway, here are some thoughts that I had over the weekend while watching America’s favorite past time:


  • A Cleveland-Chicago World Series would be a great storyline for both franchises and the MLB as a whole; all but guaranteeing that one city’s team would be breaking a curse that has spanned multiple decades and generations of fanbases. That alone could carry the World Series, and it would matter little how competitive the games were.
  • This is not the Cito Gaston/Pat Gillick lovable 90’s Blue Jays we’re seeing right now. Eff these Jays, and eff their Drake and Danny Gladden look-alikes. It is too bad I don’t watch much A.L. ball (outside of the Rangers) because I feel like I  should be enjoying this Toronto beat down more. I miss the Devon White, Joe Carter, John Olerud, Juan Guzman, David Cone, Roberto Alomar, Jack Morris, Dave Stewart, Dave Winfield led squads. NOW THOSE GUYS WERE FUN TO WATCH PLAY BASEBALL!!!!
  • How am I just now finding out that Eddie Vedder is a Cubs fan? How did he avoid being a fan of the number of teams strung along the west coast that were winning when he was a child? I can see why Mariners fever somehow missed him, but Oakland was a good franchise up until the mid 90’s, and the Dodgers were easy to like back in the day. I wonder if Eddie was like the rest of us during summer vacation, watching Harry Caray on WGN, doing the play-by-play for those Ryne Sandberg, Shawon Dunston, Andre Dawson, and Mark Grace teams. I actually always liked the Cubs. It is Cubs fans that make you want to root against them. I’ve been to quite a few baseball stadiums in the 25 years I’ve been a baseball fan, and Chicago Cubs fans are some of the least knowledgeable, frontrunning fans north of Cowboys stadium. I’ve been to Wrigley Field, and although the field is nice, the fans make you want to avoid any establishment that serves Budweiser products for the rest of your life.
  • National League baseball is incredible to watch during the month of October. Those formative years I spent living in Houston molded my love for the game. As much as I loved watching the Rangers with my grandmother, I never found A.L. games as stimulating as I did watching those late 80’s early 90’s Dodgers,Giants,Cubs, and Mets play. I still get giddy whenever I see a pitcher hit a homerun. I think the reason Joe Maddon was underrated all those years in the American League (other than coaching for Tampa Bay) is that he wasn’t able to utilize the full extent of his baseball genius. Those wacky moves he pulled at Tropicana Field (how do they still have a team down there again?) don’t seem so crazy now that he has to master using that number 9 spot in the lineup. Seriously, the difference between the two leagues is like checkers vs. chess. I’m happy to see Maddon get his due finally. I think he is the best manager in the game right now.
  • Lastly, as much shit as I’ve talked about Cubs fans, I have to say the playoff games at Wrigley have been electric. I could feel the energy from the crowd when Miguel Montero came out for his curtain call after that 8th inning grand slam. It gave me chills. This is what postseason baseball is all about. Well that and this here.


Enjoy the rest of the LCS series.

One strike Away

29 Oct

Heartbroken doesn’t begin to describe the feeling…..one strike away…..twice….sooooooooooo fucking close…..had my apartment covered in plastic had the champagne (of beers) on ice….I was ready to re-enact every post championship locker room celebration as soon as the final out was gathered…….I was ready for my hometown team to join the club…..I was going to find out what it felt like……..but it was a different club the Rangers were joining..it was a different feeling I was about to experience……I’m watching the 30 for 30 documentary called “Catching Hell” about Bill Buckner and Steve Bartman…..and my empathy for Cubs fans runs deeper than before two nights ago……(fuck the Red Sox they’ve got their title–though I do understand what ’86 must have felt like) I watched the Marlins-Cubs game in ’03 with my buddy Kent at my favorite dive bar in Denton….it was surreal to witness something like that(especially in their own stadium–the air went out of that place)………to see it happen to your own team….UNREAL….I was too numb to understand it….until the Rangers lost game 7…..sorry Big Mama (she loved the Rangers–we watched so many games together when I was a child)…no title for our boys just yet……and to make it worse…no hoops to look forward to with this blasted NBA lockout…….that depressed feeling I usually get at the end of the baseball season has been compounded…..so fucking close………..and yes its just a game, and no it should not matter that much and 33 year old men shouldn’t cry about the outcome of such trivial events……but that is where I’m at.I suppose if there is a positive to all this its that the sudden emerging of the Rangers has reignited my passions for the great and beautiful game of baseball…I’d been so apathetic for years…..probably since 2003…..I still believe the Rangers will be back…..and that they will win it….just like I believed last year….and you know what? I was one strike away from being right.