March Madness begins…

20 Mar

Vernal Equinox today.

I’ve recently gotten a new job at Tulsa Youth Services or Youth Services of Tulsa. I’ve only been there a couple of days, but it’s been guiltily fun.

Last night we hung out, took the kids to go bowling and rolled a couple of games amidst a little trouble….I’d really like to work on my game…..I could one day roll a perfect game I feel it…..the closest I’d come was when I was skied up with some buddies in my youth and had consecutive strikes through six frames and the lanes turned off cuz they were closing…..


ahh but that was years ago no need to go into that…what i was gonna say was that sometimes I feel ike Richard Pryor from “Bustin’ Loose” hangin with soem really quick, smart aleck kids who live under difficult situations, and here I am comedian and author, along for the ride in the bus, trading quips and being silly……

But I already love some of them and I feel my heart opening, and sometimes I wanna cry by how happy i am working at this wonderful, and sometimes heart wrenching place…. my first day I played video games with some boys for three hours before i really did anything.

Yesterday I played two on two with some kids (one even blocked my shot repeatedly–he looked like a 17 year old John Wallace)


This is what they pay me to do, play with the kids, and sometimes just listen and/or give advice Bobby Mickey Residential counselor…


Just got my first book of poems published.  Supplication and Masturbation. Here’s the link to it: http://www. lulu. com/​content/​6191553.
You can imagine from the title that it was difficult to find a publisher, but finally I went through a friend’s company, Inverspace Press, and everything has been okay since……

I filled out my tourney brackets and did an experiment where I just blindly picked and didn’t think much about it……I’ve got UConn, Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville in my final four, which is weird because I just realized that all four teams are from the big east….anyway UConn beats Syracuse in a rematch of that six overtime ordeal……in the Big East Tourney…

I think I’m gonna check out some Gary Snyder…and need to work on my summer trips but I thought this would be a great first blog….I’m going to post a lot of old stuff from myspace and even emails from college that seem asnine but still have their moments…I need to get soem work done though…checking out consolidation deals with book stores, and writing new poems for my gig in Wichita, Kansas on May 15………and I need to get ready to do more open mics for stand up…….how is a guy to find time to get laid???????

I suppose the answer is less sleep…hmmmmmmmmmm


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