Two weeks notice

20 Mar
Why the fuck can a place of employment let you go at the drop of a hat but you have put your two weeks notice in if you wanna quit?

I know what I’d do if a job sat me down and gave me two weeks to find a new gig…..

I’d be stealing toilet paper out the bathroom, staples, pens, pencils, paper clips..white out…

imagine if you gave your girl two week’s notice.” Yeah baby I’m just lettin you now you got two weeks to get over me and find someone new. I’ve found a new place to lay my head at night. But it’s been a good run.”

She wouldn’t be too happy.

I think a dude would look at it differently, his response might be ” So I got two weeks to still knock it out?” Yep and you can find a replacement.

Of course women already give men their notices, it’s just too subtle for men to pick up on it.

When they stop picking up when you ring, and they take longer and longer to return your calls 
that’s a sign.
When they start wanting to spend more and more time with their “girls” and you become the third or fourth pass option on the play calls, then that’s a sigh.
When they have been sitting around and watching American Idol and all of a sudden they start working out feverishly………

she’s handed in her two weeks, better hope one of those weeks of potential break up sex isn’t 
interrupted by a visit from Aunt Flo, well………unless she likes anal then I guess you’re still in business.


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