22 Jun

This city is awesome. Lots of crazy stimulation going, and I’m not talking about the sugar free red bulls I’m drinking every hour on the hour.

Still not much sleep last night was the most I’ve gotten in a few days, I was asleep by 12:45, up by 6:45.

I’ve packed a lot in so little here, neighborhood to neighborhood, eat here, shop there, sleep where??????

When. What Why, and because….

what the hell am I talking about? I’m rambling, my mind’s scrambling and I gotta get something to eat.

I went to this reastaurant the other day over in the Bathhurst area and teh food was amazing. I had this corn soup at this vegetarain restaurant called One LOve, owned by a Carribean famliy, so much love.

Beautiful family, the kids were just beaming, everyone helping out, good tunes, they were like a bizarro version of the Cosby show. It was great to watch, in fact lots of good people watching out here.

I was at Lake Ontario yesterday (I don’t know why they call it a lake, that’s like calling Louie Anderson heavy)
gotta love the power of the understatement.

Anyway there was this couple a built muscular dude who I’m sure makes a lot of money, with this hot curly haired blonde chick.

They barely spoke and looked miserable, like maybe they’d spent the last night of vacation fighting and now were taking the water taxi back from the airport. It was kinda sad. All i kept thinking was “man that poor bastard.” then we landed and I went on to this open mic at the James Joyce, some good performers and nice people. They only had one toilet and two urinals in the men’s room and i couldn’t wait for the guy to get out.

So I went into the ladies bathroom, I was about to finish wiping when a woman came in. So I sat still. I didn’t move because there was a hole where the lock should’ve been and I was second on the open mic list. I didn’t want to get thrown out before my turn so I sat…..

she played with her and then sat down and peed for a looooooooooong time. HAd I known it’d be so long I’d have high tailed it, but as soon as she finished, another gal came in. So now there were two stalls, both taken, me taking a stinky “duece” that I woulda courtesy flushed but once again, there was that hole in the door, and I didn’t want to draw attention to my sneakers because then she’d call me out as i went on stage, “THAT GUY WAS TAKING A SHIT IN THE WOMEN”S RESTROOM!!!!!!”

so I just sat…and the peeing woman left, then the next woman took her turn, wiped, and left as well. Then I pulled up my shorts, flushed, and ran next door to the men’s room to wash my hands. later I read some poetry and then caught the end of the GZA’s free set downtown on Younge/ Dundas square.

I did some comedy last night, lots of open mics in town, only two showcases, but at least there is somewhere to perform and get some work when you need to practice material.

I didn’t want to but I have that gig on the 5th and i can’t get too rusty…..

all in a day’s work…..I’ll post another blog after this and we can recap Friday and Saturday’s events….this one just seems long to me……maybe i just need to get some breakfast. Yea that’s the ticket. To be continued………………………………..


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