Smelling the screams ofa half eaten hot dog trapped within my stomach lining

26 Jun

Every where you go you hear “Thriller” being played on the radio.

I remember a young Irish-Italian hottie putting it on at her place(this was in college) and I was dubious but then I listened and couldn’t believe all the hits on it.

It made me feel sad about Michael, not him dying, but the way his life was.

“If you knew his Daddy you know he never had a chance.”
thats from Chris Rock’s what happened to just being crazy bit.

Maybe he was molested and he passed that on and became a pederast himself. Maybe the family covered up Latoya’s allegations to keep the family looking good. Why would you pay if you were innocent? Opens up the doors for so many allegations and doubts.

Maybe he died when he heard about Farrah, or maybe he died to upstage her, just when she was finally getting her last spot in the limelight. R.I.P. Micahel and Farrah. Just proves fame doesn’t protect you from life’s pitfalls

Congratulations Toronto, you wanted it so badly and now you’ve got it.

You’re just like New York. Your city stinks to high heaven.

Just give them their sick days and be through with it. You’re better than NYC. Behave like it. You should realize how lucky you are. No need to be jealous of New Yorkers. They don’t have it that great.

Now get out there and clean up that fucking garbage.




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