30 Aug

I became an addict for your love
a junky for your energy
your smooth milky skin
your electric eyes and dazzling smile.

You always told me it wasn’t for real.
I promised not to get attached.
You said “This is it. Go on
move along, and you’ll meet some better
someone amazing.”

You were right
and I knew it even then.
It still didn’t keep me from coming back.

Wanting a little more.
Just another taste
even if it wasn’t good for me.

I wasn’t conditioned to desire
the healthy things in life.

I’m still learning the difference
between what I want
and what I need.

Still learning the discipline
of saying no.

Despite having paid for

and though we
couldn’t be more
wrong for each other,

It still hasn’t stopped me from craving you.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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