Five Years

30 Aug

This has been a funny five year stretch. Started off in 2006 driving away from Denton, Texas with no idea of where I was going, or if I’d be back.
I just needed the time and space to ponder my life.

Through that time there have been many affairs, romances, flings, trists.
But also lots of ups and downs. Met many new faces, and seen some older but still friendly ones quite recently. Had you told me then I’d end up in Oklahoma I’d have laughed. Oklahoma, more like Oklahomo (genous)

But its been good to me. I’ve actually thrived here in the red dirt region.

But those five years have been pretty educcational. All that traveling has been fruitful. All those experiences have paid off. And so I gathered material for my literary projects, and that’s been my main focus for the last few years.

But I’m seeing something different in my future. A life of scholarly academia. A life of teaching..corrupting young minds.

I have two more books of poetry (and possibly a best of collection) a few short stories, and a couple other projects that will be completed by next year.

Then I will dive into a full fledged career as either educator or public servant. I will spend my new found free time learning how to paint and play music. I’ll take Tai Chi classes and boxing lessons. Learn to dance the Merengue, Tango and Salsa.

I will save up money to travel during the summers, and slowly paying off that debt accumulated in the past decade.

This fall I’ll be leaving for the east coast. I will be in upstate New York. I will be in Massachusetts, I will be on a train going through the Canadian Rockies. Hopefully the Borealis will meet me there, to finish a conversation we started back in Fairbanks, Alaska–circa ’08.

The end of this era of Bobb is slowly approaching. The next few months are going to be a lot of fun.


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