Day 18 Costa Rica Retroactive Diary: Homebound

16 Jan

No better way to spend your 32nd birthday

No better way to spend your 32nd birthday

Drinking OJ and vodka last night as the lights were staring me in the face. My summer is over. Time to go back to Tulsa winter. The hostel is super nice. The middle of downtown in a sketchy part of town yet the Alajuela Backpacker’s hostel is a haven from it all. Down the street from a grocery store it is fairly convenient in its location. There is also a shuttle that will take you to the airport. Had a good trip over with the Portland gals. We had a lot of laughs and got some good scenery taken in. I developed a little crush on one of them, Lisa. She actually saved my ass because I didn’t figure in the exit fee for my budget and was in danger of being stuck in the country with no money. Feeling good going back though.

My Minnesota friend flew in with me to Denver. Customs was a real bitch. They gave me shit for some bean dip I had in my bag. The dogs were going crazy over it. Little did I know that Mr. Minnesota suck in a gram of pure grade nose candy in the bottom of his shoe. How about that?

Returning home darker, stronger, slimmer and ready to pounce on the first piece of ass available. Good thing my concubine is picking me up at the airport. My masculinity affirmed and embraced with this trip. I thought this would quench my thirst for travel but it only enhanced it. But I certainly got my money’s worth and could see that a lot of good had come from the trip. Now that I was okay spiritually, it was time to take care of some physical needs.

She approached me at the baggage claim and we awkwardly embraced.


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