Day 17 Costa Rica Retroactive Diary: Winding down

16 Jan

A certain recklessness is embraced and encouraged down here. Babies riding on the back of dirt motor bikes and ATV vehicles. In the streets of Cobano where I had to catch my bus there was a large throng of people watching this street fight (the street was actually a dirt road…and this was downtown) between an old man and a schizophrenic homeless dude. The old man was belt whipping the mother fucker as the townspeople ran in droves to see the spectacle. Drunk men were cheering, little kids were laughing, women with babies were gawking excitedly in the street. The sun hadn’t even gone down yet either, this was 5:00 in the afternoon. Everything is so unregulated down here. I had suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen a police officer the whole time I’d been down here–though I was sure they existed, right?

Sometimes the waves are perfect, sometimes they are choppy and difficult to navigate. The key is learning each time you get out there and knowing when to cut things loose. My trip is about to be over. Hitching a ride to Alajuela with these Portland women. I met them surfing the other day and ran into to them the night before while at a restaurant with these three Finnish chicks and the Minnesota dude.

The girls need an interpreter and some muscle. They’d had their car broken into out in St. Teresa—they day they’d met me actually. How funny life was. Everything was going to be alright


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