Day 16 Costa Rica retroactive diary

16 Jan

Built a huge fire “Texas A& M style”. Huge washed up logs thrown into the burn. Sparks arising like fire flies among the burning smoke and night sky. We swam in our natural state. Diving beneath the crashing waves farther and farther away from the distant shore.

Free deep and naked into the swells. Away from practically everything I knew. Couldn’t be further away from those other realities. The frigid snowstorms back in Tulsa, the stuffy upbringing of my hometown of Dallas. We were  in Costa Rica, swimming naked with sharks. Our kindred spirits floated back to the sand, looking for her top. My clothes were far enough away from the water that they weren’t carried away by the crest.

Later that night I saved her from a lurking scorpion. I only saw the shadow before it crept out into the light—like Medusa in the original ‘Clash of the Titans’ movie. I yelled out her name and she leaped into the arms of the guy next to her—this derelict from Minnesota named A—-. And there she stayed for a while. And I had the feeling I’d been scooped for the night. Around 4 AM I went back to the cabin and gave this buxom Dutch girl a foot massage. I hadn’t blown my load in over 2 weeks. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it in. Couldn’t wait to get back to my concubine waiting for me in the states. I was going to wear her out.

I had a rather interesting encounter earlier that day. Met a beautiful Argentine who I spent the day with. We laid on the beach on talked as best as we could. She was quite charming and spry. She reminded me of an old Canadian friend I once had. Met her when I was trying to surf out in St. Teresa. The current was too strong so I ended up just chilling, watching the sunset. Women were really eating up my Texas accent. The Texan Spaniard bit was killing…..


Ahh what a lovely girl that Beben. Beautiful eyes. She came from a family of lawyers in Argentina. The only daughter in the family. So out of my league.

So out of my hemisphere.

the lovely beben


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