Day 15 of Costa Rica Rectroactive Diary: Reaching Nirvana

16 Jan

Slept really good the night before. Drank good. Ate good. Good company with this gal from Colorado. Smoked hash all day, drank rum and cokes. Spent the evening on the beach with some of my favorite people from the hostel. Omar, James, Lauren, Adam, Mike from Brooklyn. Lauren and I shared a Cuban. One of the beach bums got really drunk and came out with a machete, but was intercepted by a random 5’4 Buddhist white guy in white robes also camping on the beach. Very strange indeed.

Without a doubt the best birthday I’d ever had.

“You can’t reach Nirvana. To reach for something intuits going outside of one’s self. Nirvana is a matter of being.”

Got my reservations together for the weekend of my departure—get in on Saturday—watch the championships on that Sunday. Pretty tired. 2 weeks has always been my limits for being out on the road before my body goes kaput! Today is day 15 though. I don’t want to talk to anyone at this point, not especially in Spanish. Just translating inside my head makes my brain hurt.

Starting to pine for the warmth of my sleeping bag and the bosom of my lady friend.


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