Day 14 Costa Rica Retroactive Diary

16 Jan

The howler monkeys were in full effect that morning. Lots of fun the night before. I probably should’ve gone to the all -you- can- eat sushi event at the hostel, but I needed to be alone with my thoughts. i was considering staying another day on this side then leaving  for the other side of the peninsula.

Scene was fun and crazy in a way just like college. Happy 32nd to me, as old as Marcus Allen’s jersey number. It was a good night though out by the waves in Montezuma beach, smoking Cubans with Humboldt Mike and Sac-town Matt.

They noticed me earlier smoking on a stogie, walking in downtown Montezuma happily contemplating my mortality.

Humboldt Mike:

“Hey man, you think I could trade you some bud for a Cuban.”

Me (taking a puff and looking into the stars:“Sure man.”

Matt: “You think you’d give us two for some bud and some hash?”

I was the hit of the party when I got back to the hostel. Everything Humboldt mike had given me was legit. He said he’d stashed the shit in his drawers and brought it across. I didn’t believe the risk was worth the reward but I was glad he smuggled it in. He had some fire.

Happy Fucking Birthday to Me!!!

Yeah this trip turned out to be the best decision I could’ve made.


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