Winter morning in Kansas

9 Mar

The state line was the turning point

seemed like everything was already

had already changed

it’d all be different coming back.

So many question marks to return to.

I turned the radio up and blew into my hands

daylight and there were hours to go.

people out of their cars

checking on the delay

blowing frosty cold air from their nostrils

I was making good time

but now I’d have to be patient

Just wait.

almost considered turning around

then almost considered

getting out and taking a piss

in the nearest ditch

the cold and the spectators

be damned.

But I had an obligation to keep

as a vehicle in line

and I didn’t want to do

anything that would cause more delay.

A solemn mid western sunrise

gentle flickers of light

hit my pupils

the prairie star made its appearance

too early to be excited

still had to make it there.

silence and guitar strums

segue the louder

movements of the trains

fighting inertia

metal scraping metal

grinding of the wheels

squeaking and rolling

slowly building

momentum backwards

then rolling east away

towards hence I came.

People slowly eased back into their cars

engines revving into a relieved


as the train rolled further away

and soon out of view.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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