5’11 200 lbs 33 years old

21 Mar


Ride to work

Ride to work out.

Even when you’re not feeling anything but tired.

Being tired isn’t a good enough excuse.

Keep your head down.

Ignore the external.

Embrace the internal.

Embrace your Alpha.

Ignore the elements.

Ignore the wind chill.

Its winter.

Its the mid-west.

Its supposed to be cold.

If the sun shines

then thank the heavens,

and if its raining

do the same.

Do the extra

in extraordinary.

Don’t cheat yourself

Don’t defeat yourself.

Push through.

Push through the self-pity.

Push through the apathy.

Push through the lethargy.

Push through the depression.

Push towards the anger

and use it as fuel.

Push through it all.

Its worth it.


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