Catch and Release

31 Mar


After every bad one

the hope went out for someone

with depth of character

someone sweet,

genuine and caring,

someone interesting to talk to

but still fairly attractive

good looking enough for me to remain faithful.


The trade off from kinky to crazy

was rapidly losing its value.


But wanting a decent person

meant being a decent person

meant becoming a patient person

worth the wait of being happy

with someone who didn’t

shriek, yell, or get drunk and embarrass you in public

Someone who didn’t  say cruel things to strangers.


Someone with a sense of virtue that didn’t border self-righteousness.


The truth was I was more into kink

than I was into sex

but the problem was that you couldn’t marry kink.

Couldn’t turn groupies into girlfriends

or hoes into housewives

(as they used to say in my day).


The truth  was that she just as crazy as the rest of them.

She just hid it better.


~Edward Austin Robertson~


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