30 Mar

The difference between me

ingesting mushroom chocolates

and brownies with my friends from Texas,

sharing the moment with dancing buxom Dorothy’s

and hundreds of other freaks in the middle of a lightening storm

overlooking the mountains

during  the Primus and Flaming Lips

giant bubble inflated show,

and just listening to it outside–

in what would amount to a massive waste of

time, energy, money and mileage

was a paperless ticket

bought from a guy who had an extra

(Asheville, NC, good music scene right?)

I prayed he would have the proper respect

for such a musical event

in his seemingly honest eyes.

After an hour of being in the long cavernous line

the usher scanned the laser gun to

the ticket’s bar code

revealing itself as the moment of the truth

the elation in my face said it all.

~Edward Austin Robertson~


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