The Lesson in Losing

13 Mar

I could have run,
probably should have than
engaged in a game I couldn’t win.

I knew what was on the other side of that door
waiting for me,
a match with a “win at all costs” opponent
that could result in failure, heartbreak and
take me to the edges of insanity.

But I also knew there was an opportunity for me
to learn just how well I could perform under duress,
a litmus test for mental toughness–
a measuring stick for growth.

Call it foolishness
call it hubris
you could even call it boredom.

But I can walk away
knowing that I left it all on the field
that I performed as well as I was capable of
and surpassed all my own expectations.

I fought valiantly
I fought fair
no low blows or elbows to the face.

I fought with honor for the game
and respect for my opponent.

Despite what the scoreboard reads
despite what history will say,

I still feel like a winner.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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