They held the moonlight in their pockets(For Christina)

27 Apr

Above the highest of the high rises
overlooking the harbor
they twirled
they danced
and he held her as close
as he could–without committing any major violations.

He reveled in his dapper threads
their formal wear adding to the decadent festivities.
Feeling light and charming,
making merry,
they spun
and spun again
and let the celebration
carry itself to this point.

Need not go anywhere
beyond this innocent crush
no questions needed to be asked
no lies needed to be told
on this evening.

He had dreamt this moment
years before and wouldn’t
remember that until the next day on the plane
half groggy–still drunk
reeking of booze and smokes,
the dream of the elevation, candles, and glass windows
drinking scotch with the old man
overlooking the city
in similar attire
in a similar state of mind.

Dreamily dancing,
nowhere near that altered reality
a dream he had
years (months?) before
but wouldn’t remember til
he was tired enough to recall
that they were in a dream
and didn’t know it
for the dream
had merged with reality
and sometimes
reality could get weirder
than the unpredictable

Shooting for the stars
left one spitting out stardust
and choking on moonbeams.

So he looked
he touched
but did nothing to
later feel ashamed of,
simply let himself
evaporate into the free and jovial light

and turning
high above the Manhattan skyline
overlooking the harbor
with the band in their ears.
He moved in closer
and let her cheek feel his
to let her know that he was there.

~Edward Austin Robertson


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