3 May

Man this Oakland crowd be getting me hype!
I would pay an absurd amount of money to go to a home game at the Oracle for next round’s matchup.
I lived there in ’07 when they went on that improbable playoff run capped by this dunk:

I had to run out of the restaurant I was watching it at because I was screaming so loud.
They got knocked out that round by Utah but it was a very fun two weeks, the whole Ba Area was electrified. I worked at this restaurant in Berkeley right next to where the Mavericks were staying and a few of them came in for breakfast. I got to shoot the shit with Dasagna Diop, and former Maverick great, Brad Davis the morning of game 6.

Foggy mornings, sunny afternoon walks in the hills with my buddy Adrian, who held similar tastes in music, women, and sports; that’s what I think about when I watch these Warriors play at the Oracle. Brings back so many good memories. Most fun team to watch this playoffs in my opinion. They will probably get bounced in the same fashion as that’07 team but I will still do everything in my power to watch every minute of the next round against the Spurs.


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