SXSW Revisited

23 Mar

Had a great time down in the ATX. Great food, world class hospitality, and plenty of love from all the homies.
I purposefully kept my expectations down because of all the personal activity I had going on. I hoped to see De La Soul and Questlove, Madlib, and Freddie Gibbs. I didn’t put all my eggs on any othose baskets, and its good I didn’t.

It used to be that you could still get into free shows if you were willing to wait in line, or pay a cover. Now if you don’t have that wrist band and/or badge you can forget about it.

I was wrong in comparing SXSW to Mardi Gras. SXSW is a monster the size of Godzilla, descending upon the 40 acres and engulfing the city in its madness. Their was a collective decompression period last night that the city went through. Everyone’s seratonin levels worked to balance themselves out, as most of the performers and tourists got the fuck out of dodge.

Some of the highlights were :

Doing Stand Up on the “WHo’s the Ross? shows Friday and Sunday nights.

Seeing Mannie Fresh make an appearance at the Mass Appeal showcase Friday afternoon.

and peeping these guys.

Shout out to my ATX and PDX homies.


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