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Hey I Know This Guy!!!!

18 Aug

Summer Holidays Day 9: What about Bobby?

5 Jun

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Summer Holiday Day 8: Eve of Departure

2 Jun

If I had forgotten how lame San Francisco was, then this trip served as a reminder. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it has gotten lamer since I last visited. San Francisco sucks. The same things I’d thought about Vancouver years ago apply to San Francisco. The women here are ugly. Most of the pretty ones have ugly souls, are too uptight, or are men. There is always some form of (human?) feces to look out for on the sidewalks and streets.

All the jokes about the town being taken over by awkward techie bros are true. Think of a new computer or phone app and you can bet the headquarters is based here in the bay. As a straight male who enjoys cities with a vibrant night life and true ethnic and cultural diversity, there is no reason for me to return here for free. If I ever come back, you better believe there is some money in it for me.

Oakland on the other hand is a city that resonates with me. A walk around Lake Merritt reminded me how much I love being in the East Bay. It’s always sunnier on this side of the bridge. People have more style and pizzazz here. The food is better, and slightly less expensive. It is just easier for me to breathe coming out of that tube into the bright sunshine of Oakland’s shipyards.

I do like Berkeley, but it seems so neutered compared to Oakland’s edgier neighborhoods. I have the feeling that the differences between the communities will decrease as the tech industry’s influences keep seeping in. Housing prices are steady going up, and the absurdity of food and entertainment is laughable. If you live here long enough you lose your basis for comparison.It is only when you leave for a long period of time and come back that makes you question paying 11 dollars for a goddamn sandwich.

I’m glad I moved here ten years ago. It is impossible to imagine my life without the people I met during my time on the west coast. It certainly chilled me out living in a region with so much natural beauty, but the reasons for coming back are decreasing with time.

This week: Portland and an appearance on “Who’s the Ross?”. Week 2 and still a lot left to do–like pack for Portland.



SXSW Revisited

23 Mar

Had a great time down in the ATX. Great food, world class hospitality, and plenty of love from all the homies.
I purposefully kept my expectations down because of all the personal activity I had going on. I hoped to see De La Soul and Questlove, Madlib, and Freddie Gibbs. I didn’t put all my eggs on any othose baskets, and its good I didn’t.

It used to be that you could still get into free shows if you were willing to wait in line, or pay a cover. Now if you don’t have that wrist band and/or badge you can forget about it.

I was wrong in comparing SXSW to Mardi Gras. SXSW is a monster the size of Godzilla, descending upon the 40 acres and engulfing the city in its madness. Their was a collective decompression period last night that the city went through. Everyone’s seratonin levels worked to balance themselves out, as most of the performers and tourists got the fuck out of dodge.

Some of the highlights were :

Doing Stand Up on the “WHo’s the Ross? shows Friday and Sunday nights.

Seeing Mannie Fresh make an appearance at the Mass Appeal showcase Friday afternoon.

and peeping these guys.

Shout out to my ATX and PDX homies.

Sit down/Stand up

3 Jun

So its going to be a busy summer. Flying into Toronto for the NXNE Festival, then going to Ithaca to tool around, then down to Brooklyn, New York where many of the legendary jazzers from my alma mater are gigging, then down to Elmer New Jersey where I’ll be teaching a comedic writing workshop, one day and then putting on a private show for staff the next night.

Before I leave I need to get all my material together so the printing of “Instant Exchange” can go off without any hitches.

it’s a big deal this summer.

I feel like this book will add more legitimacy towards my resume as a writer. It will be less sex, more humor than S & M. and will be twice as thick (no pun intended).

I’m quite proud of S & M and its my first and I love it for that, however I’d already moved past it by the time it was printed. Balls deep into my next projects.

A lot of people get scared by the title of S & M because Masturbation is in the title, and because there is so much explicit language. But its honest there is no sugar coating and if anything its guilty of being too real.

Some people think I’m jut bragging about all my exploits in the book, or that its “porn”.
These are people who miss the whole point. I made choices and those choices had repercussions.
I was simply conveying how a young awkward kid became an awkward adult. Once you add that up with the mysteries of women and sexuality, then you get a lot of confusion.

By the end of the book, one should figure out that yeah I had a lot of sex and one nighters, but eventually the narrator realizes how empty those encounters can be (most of them) without intimacy or love, or even like.

But that’s all on S& M, as for “instant..” well it’ll be more mature and well rounded and I know that it will be something I can be really proud of no matter who likes it or not.

that is what this east coast trip is in a way, part graduation present, part business trip, and partly sight seeing…….

as it is the Jersey gig at Appel Farms will more likely than not be my last stand up gig of the year, and for a while.

My focus is much more on the literary scene and with so many projects going, I’m finally ready to give the stage an official break.

I’l still do sketch shows with various artists like ED Forman and James Gates, however I’m tired of my material, tired of the bars and the hustle for a grind that has such a long road before you hit the real upside.

I love performing and writing for shows, and writing jokes, but stand up is a brutal thing. Most of my friends who are going places are performing every night in addition to working day jobs, some like my friend Sharon Lacey, are on the road almost 25-30 days of the month. I’m just not that tough, I’d rather be in the studio recording than touring.

As much as I like traveling, I much rather prefer stability and a paycheck that will come independent of crowd attendance.
I could see myself doing the Rodney Dangerfield thing and coming back full force in my fifties.
I’ll do comedy until the day I die, but for now there are other roads to hoe, other places to go.
Stand up has definitely gotten me to where I am, but its time for a break.

Give myself a little time to write new material and hone stuff other than dick jokes ya know?

I applaud the hustle of cats like Aaron Ross, Sharon Lacey, Mary Van Note, Greg Edwards, Julian Vance, Sean Keane, Brent Weinbach, Caitlin Gill and Chris Garcia……out there getting theirs….

I appreciate and understand just how hard it is to do what they do, I definitely want to get where they are at and where they will be, I just gotta do it the Bobby Mickey way, knnaaamean? Vern?