Summer Holiday Day 8: Eve of Departure

2 Jun

If I had forgotten how lame San Francisco was, then this trip served as a reminder. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it has gotten lamer since I last visited. San Francisco sucks. The same things I’d thought about Vancouver years ago apply to San Francisco. The women here are ugly. Most of the pretty ones have ugly souls, are too uptight, or are men. There is always some form of (human?) feces to look out for on the sidewalks and streets.

All the jokes about the town being taken over by awkward techie bros are true. Think of a new computer or phone app and you can bet the headquarters is based here in the bay. As a straight male who enjoys cities with a vibrant night life and true ethnic and cultural diversity, there is no reason for me to return here for free. If I ever come back, you better believe there is some money in it for me.

Oakland on the other hand is a city that resonates with me. A walk around Lake Merritt reminded me how much I love being in the East Bay. It’s always sunnier on this side of the bridge. People have more style and pizzazz here. The food is better, and slightly less expensive. It is just easier for me to breathe coming out of that tube into the bright sunshine of Oakland’s shipyards.

I do like Berkeley, but it seems so neutered compared to Oakland’s edgier neighborhoods. I have the feeling that the differences between the communities will decrease as the tech industry’s influences keep seeping in. Housing prices are steady going up, and the absurdity of food and entertainment is laughable. If you live here long enough you lose your basis for comparison.It is only when you leave for a long period of time and come back that makes you question paying 11 dollars for a goddamn sandwich.

I’m glad I moved here ten years ago. It is impossible to imagine my life without the people I met during my time on the west coast. It certainly chilled me out living in a region with so much natural beauty, but the reasons for coming back are decreasing with time.

This week: Portland and an appearance on “Who’s the Ross?”. Week 2 and still a lot left to do–like pack for Portland.




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