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Summer Holiday Day 10: PDX > SF

5 Jun

It is amazing how little money I have spent here in Portland in comparison to my time in San Francisco. Dining out in San Fran is akin to buying 3 meals a day at the airport for a full week. “Yeah I’ll take the 14.00 Grilled Cheese please on gluten free bread. Oh, that will be a dollar extra? Fine.”

Fuck that city. It deserves everything that is coming to it in the next 10 years when the cyborgs take over. I think the Warriors are making a serious mistake moving over there. It will severely neuter that fanbase, and I doubt the new arena will get anywhere as krunk as the Oracle. Anyway, Portland is just as dope as ever. I can’t believe it has been 2 years since my last visit up here. I need to come back ASAP like Rocky.There is nothing like summers up here. Just plain gorgeous.



Summer Holidays Day 9: What about Bobby?

5 Jun

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Oklahoma ain’t bad, it’s just……OK

2 Oct
Yep old buddy, if your liver can handle it, it just may be time to relocate.

Yep old buddy, if your liver can handle it, it just may be time to relocate.

“There was a woman but I left her far behind.
I could have loved her if I only had more time.”

This is from the Flying Burrito Brothers’ Colorado.

It hits me hard every time I hear this tune. Its a song about loving where you came from and having to leave, but then looking forward to going back, after you realize you only left to find out just how great home was in the first place.

And the open sound of the pedal steel cutting through the loneliness.

This trip was exactly what I needed. Lots of hiking, biking, fresh air, and a lot of loving.

It was so good to see all my old friends from the west coast, and have a little fun. I realized about halfway through my first week on the road, in San Francisco that I was taking things too seriously when I lived there.

California is much too absurd to be taken seriously, and once you stop taking Californians so seriously, then they become alright. I guess the thing that made this hit home was seeing this beautiful European woman breastfeeding what looked to be a two year old, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STREET!!!!!

It brought up a couple of thoughts, like:

1)Would it be rude to stare? Becuase her breasts were quite nice from what I could see
2) Wasn’t this kid a bit old for breastfeeding?
3) Was this kid really 8 months old, but had grown enormously from the potency of her breast milk?

If this wasn’t enough, seeing a naked man dressing with his window while smoking a cigarrette outside this club in the mission, drove it home even further. “Welcome to California, where there is no such thing as absurd.”

Seriously. We could see the guy’s cock and everything. It was horrifying, especially when he pulled his boxer briefs up and his dick didn’t make it in and kinda bounced up like a diving board (not that I was staring or anything).

Which brings me to another reason why I had to leave the Bay area. Too many homosexuals.
I’m not homophobic by any means, however, as a heterosexual man in a city where half the population is gay, this doesn’t bode well for finding a lady friend.

Think of it like this:

If half the population of men and women is gay, that is 50/100.

So if you’re a heterosexual male this is not in your favor. You’ve already cut out half of the population by just being straight.

So let’s screw it down again by taking out half the population of that percentage of women who are gay which is half of the population of women.

So now you’re down to a meager 25% of a population that could involve some sexy time explosion. But now let’s factor in the percentage of women who have boyfriends, or who do like men but are currently involved with women……..we’ll just assume that half of this population are involved.

Well that leaves a guy with a mere 12.5 percent chance to hook up. I’m no statistician but from the looks of this chart, I’d say these are slim pickings.

Now to be fair, this is only San Francisco, the odds are totally different across the bridge, going into Oakland, or Berkeley….but for the sake of maybe pursuing a career in SF, this doesn’t work.

All that being said, I still managed to have a really good time while I lived in the bay, and my stint there was well worth it. I played lots of pick up basketball, and had some good times on stage and managed to meet a lot of good people, and despite the odds, I still got laid every now and again.

Oregon was a much mellower trip and more my speed. I did a couple of shows with old ED Forman in Portland and Eugene, and finally got to visit an organic farm on Sauvie Island, which totally changed how I looked at the PDX.
I have to say, if you really want to figure out a place, try biking around the city. It was hectic and crazy but its a very biker city friendly, and crossing the bridges can be dangerously spectacular. You could end up falling in the Williamette if you’re not careful.
I could see myself living there for sure, they got the up and coming Blazers, Portland is one of the most eco-friendliest cities I’ve been to outside of Toronto, and there is a pretty good music scene there.

I even managed to get Supplication and Masturbation on the shelves at Reading Frenzy over on SW Oak street. If they can somehow get no-flush urinals installed city wide in all the restrooms then I’ll certainly be on board.

back in Tulsa now among the Sooners fans, hoping for a good game on Saturday. Time to really think about the next step and creating an exit strategy. But one thing is clear, I saw my past and future out on the west coast, and its time to get back out there for a spell.

More on that later

To be continued……………


Okie in Texans clothing

5 Apr

Will the play of this 22 year old kid affect the next five years of my life?

Will the play of this 22 year old kid affect the next five years of my life?

My lady-friend and I went to visit OKC for a museum exhibit and the Thunder vs. Blazers game.

I had jokingly said that if the THunder won I’d stay in Oklahoma and if Portland came out ahead then I’d move back to PDX.

As the ass whupping mounted and the Thunder continued to get pummeled

I started wondering if a move to Portland should really take place.

The Blazers will be good for at least six more years, they have a really nice young nucleus and are a big time defender/three point shooter/rebounder/slasher away from being extremely dangerous.

I’m no sure who’d fit but they look good. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they made the conference finals and took two games from the Lakers.

The Thunder should look to emulate the Blazers success. Good draft picks and savvy personnel decisions are what put Portland in the position they are in now.

The Thunder get two first round picks this year, and if the picks aren’t Ricky Rubio or Blake Griffith I say trade them for rebounding and point guard help.

You have to get Durant some help out there. Westbrook is nice but he’s a two guard, and besides Green they have a lot of scrubs on that squad. I’ve even suggested trying to trade for T.J. Ford or someone like that……

I think if they can keep Durant happy, then the city of OKC will have a happy future ahead of itself.

In five years, they can have a playoff contender team, possibly a Whole Foods store in its city, and more revenue to attract business and people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if five years from now it was a really hip, trendy place to live.

There is a good community of good local artists around mid-town area, and it has a down home vibe to it that is quite similar to Austin’s vibe (especially before all the Californians moved there).

I like Oklahoma City and could see myself buying a house there in a few years, the cost of living is relatively low, and it’s close enough to Texas to see my family.

Lots of people don’t know that for a while when I was a kid, I wanted to play baseball at Oklahoma State. (This was before I got into drugs….and women)

Now you’ll find a plethora of squares anywhere, but something I realized after coming back from OKC was how different the vibes are between Tulsa and the capital.

There is a lot more going on in the “city” of course, and getting a basketball team has certainly helped. But it’s a little more folksy, down home and laid back out there than here in T-Town.

It can definitely be squaresville up here. Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty town with really nicely designed houses, and the people who are cool here are pretty fucking solid.

But there are lots of folks here putting on airs, obsessed with prestige and image, my co-worker Otis calls them $40,000 dollar millionaires.

There is a lot of poverty in OKC but it is what it is. I can really dig on that.

So maybe in five years (depending on whether Durant stays or goes) you’ll find me in Oklahoma City going to 89ers games, and hanging out on my porch drinking tap water (filtered of course Oklahoma water is pretty gross) and listening to tunes in the afternoon sun……..

in other news, working on a second volume of poems that I hope to have ready for print by the end of the summer, the working title is “Good people, Bad habits.” There are about fifty poems that will be in this volume….already excited about what it will look like.

I’ve got gigs in May. Both stand up and poetry reading. Wichita Kansas, check out Myspace.com/bobbymickey for the dates and listings.

Still working on getting stuff in Ithaca and Brooklyn, New York, as well as Toronto for my east coast trip in June/July.


This fall I think i’m gonna take a trip to California and visit old Gary Snyder UC-Davis…..plan to spend a week in the bay, doing some open mics, showcases, and hopefully some good hiking….as for Portland well…..the winds just might take me there by the mid fall……..more to come on that later….and Austin, Texas…haven’t forgotten about you…..maybe in August we can have a little time together…..