Summer Holiday Day 10: PDX > SF

5 Jun

It is amazing how little money I have spent here in Portland in comparison to my time in San Francisco. Dining out in San Fran is akin to buying 3 meals a day at the airport for a full week. “Yeah I’ll take the 14.00 Grilled Cheese please on gluten free bread. Oh, that will be a dollar extra? Fine.”

Fuck that city. It deserves everything that is coming to it in the next 10 years when the cyborgs take over. I think the Warriors are making a serious mistake moving over there. It will severely neuter that fanbase, and I doubt the new arena will get anywhere as krunk as the Oracle. Anyway, Portland is just as dope as ever. I can’t believe it has been 2 years since my last visit up here. I need to come back ASAP like Rocky.There is nothing like summers up here. Just plain gorgeous.



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