Summer Holiday Day 39 : Worst Lap Dance Ever

5 Jul

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Anytime you get a chance to pay for a 40 dollar lap dance from a plain Jane white girl, who smells like garlic pizza, you gotta do it right? Right? I mean what are the odds?

Oh I’m the only one here who has wasted money at the strip club? Let’s just say it was a lot like that scenario in “Catcher in the Rye” where Holden calls a hooker up to his room and changes his mind. They have beefed up security at Club Super Sexe, that’s all I’m saying. The worst part is that I slept through the Copa America final. Definitely gotta come back to Montreal though. Luckily for me, it’s jazz Fest weekend.

Montreal is a beautiful city with some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. The architecture is historic and interesting, and the transportation system is really well planned. It is a world class city with lots of diversity and colour. If I were to live anywhere in Canada, it would be here (of course I’d finally have to perfect my French). It is definitely the pick to click.

My top five favorite North American cities to visit are now:

1) New York

2) Portland

3) Austin

4) Toronto

5) Montreal

Honorable Mention goes to:

Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Oakland

Currently looking out over the Quebec countryside as I ride the train to Quebec City. It’s quite beautiful. Let’s see how they treat people like me who were too lazy to learn French.

Au Revoir



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