Summer Holiday Days 40-45

10 Jul

Quebec is easily my favorite province in Canada (sorry British Colombia).

Quebec City is clean,safe, and quite charming. I loved the architecture and the women there were stunning (they manage to maintain great bodies despite all the Poutine that they eat. It somehow misses their stomachs and goes to their hips. They have what I like to call “Poutine booties”).

The hostel I stayed at was super nice. L’auberge International Quebec is hands down the best as far as courteous and helpful staff, cleanliness, and proximity. It was just as nice as any McMenamin’s i have seen in Portland. They even had a pub downstairs to have drinks. I didn’t do too much to be honest, but it was just nice to tool around the city and take it all in. The ideal situation would be to live in Quebec City and train into Montreal for concerts and other events. Or maybe vice versa. I kinda dug how straight edged it seemed in comparison to Montreal.

When I was on my morning jog one morning, I took a moment to consider how far my life had taken me from the inner city of Dallas.  As a child my biggest obstacle was feeling like I had no control over my life, and now as an adult I was running around Quebec City, listening to Q-Tip on my headphones. 8 year old Bobby Mickey would be extremely pleased with what I’ve done for myself. I was a little sad to leave, but for now it is back to the states.


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