Lines (2011)

25 Oct



The third line was chopped out for the two of us to share

but the garage door distracted us long enough

for my 15 year old brother to

sneak the rail off the kitchen counter.


It was on.

Never drove so confidently in my life

listening to “Badge”

giving  him a ride home later.


It didn’t last long though

and soon I was in misery

sniffing coke off the basin of the toilet

eating weed out the bag because my pipe was busted

and I had run out of papers.


Watched helplessly as the daylight bled onto the walls

of the living room

the day’s sun threatening to arrive before I could get comfortable.


Had I known where my mother kept her .44

I’d have shot myself just so to get some shut eye.


My jaws hurt.

My nostrils were irritated

and my throat felt severely burnt

a chalky taste of phlegm and drainage.


The last time I did cocaine

was the last time I’d do cocaine.


~Edward Austin Robertson



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