The Mystery From Mansfield

20 Apr

Her long legs and cute pearly whites

somehow escaped my attention

for most of the semester;

but when it was on,

it was on. And boy,

was it on.

The conversation was good.

She was surprisingly down to earth.

She coached volleyball and hoops,

and had yet to realize how attractive she really was.



Beastly and sensuous

all at once,

before I could figure out what was happening

it was over just as randomly

as it had started.

I couldn’t tell you when we stopped hanging out

it was such a blur of a few weeks.

There is even a good chance

that we only hung out a handful of times.



Who knows what happened? So much had changed

between the NBA Playoffs and Duke-Carolina 2006.

But the last time that I saw her,

I knew within the first 5 minutes

she wasn’t going to sleep with me.

Which I wasn’t too broken up about–

back then there were plenty of other ladies,

none of which were Duke fans.


~Edward Austin Robertson



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