eve of departure VII

4 Jul

A little hung over right now.

Heading out of town in 9 hours, to my last stop to hang with the great Andrew Jonathan Giles.

Jersey here I come.

worn out, really, ready for a long rest, the city has a way of wearing you out.

July 4th and I should be excited, but honestly i’ve had way too much excitement. already thinking about all the work i have to do when I get back. All the work i WANT to do when I get back.

Final thoughts on New York:

Great place, lots of fun.

Weird and exotic, I don’t stick out like a sore thumb here, i can simply blend. Weirder cats than me around.

It was a funny sensation to drunkenly look around FAt Cat’s and listen to live jazz and play ping pong with a bunch of folks who were once getting booze from me back in the UNT dorms.

I understand why people love New York City. it’s hip and exciting, lots to do.

it truly is a grand stage and great spectacle.

As for back home we got lots to do. I’ve got to book all my trips for the fall, finish the necessary projects by their (self-imposed) deadlines.

And now i get to get back to work…….

process the old, bring in the new and get my equilibrium back.

But New York didn’t kick my ass and take my wallet, what a difference nine years makes.

When I first came I was 21 and never been to a big city, it was quite overwhelming. kept thinking bout that Rolling Stones song, “Shattered“.

I’ll be back for sure to test the comedic waters and do some promoting for the new book coming out in September.

I reckon that aint too far away. looking forward to the farm, and then home.

Next time i’ll be blogging from my computer at work,

at home.


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