Rooftop hellos /Platform goodbyes

6 Jul

There is such a profound feeling of busting through to the daylight on my buddy’s Brooklyn rooftop to have a smoke and a talk.

July 4th was an extra special one. My last day in NYC overlooking all the buildings and sky.

I finally got to see Japanther and Ninjasonik over in Bedstuy. Imagine my square ass walking through these neighborhoods. But lots of people dress the way I do in New York, tight bermuda shorts, cut-off blue jean shorts. Black kids skate boarding everywhere while listening to punk music.

It was a beautiful thing to see.

i thought about all this while taking my last toke for the week. Jay-Z was blaring on someone’s radio nearby, and we had a black president in office for the first time ever on this particular 4th.

i indeed felt like brushing my shoulders off.

Lots of friends not only making it here, but doing well. I couldn’t hate on this place, it was so alive, music playing everywhere, and people were actually friendly.

Even the women seemed to come out and make their presence known before i left (or maybe they always been around and I haven’t been paying attention)

I hugged my friend goodbye on the the 14th street stop and he stepped off onto the platform, then i headed towards times square. my vacation was officially over.

As we embarked on our evening journey towards Philadelphia, we rode out of the Holland tunnel to be greeted by 4th of July fireworks. I’m not one to pee in my pants about some fireworks, but there was something to be said about seeing a full moon along the NYC skyline and a smorgasbord of fireworks bursting in the distance.

If you can’t feel good about something like that, then well you need your pulse checked. Sometimes this country aint so bad to live in ya know?


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