8 Jul

You mean to tell me that Rocky beat Action Jackson and Mr. T in a three year span? That's a hell of a run.

You mean to tell me that Rocky beat Action Jackson and Mr. T in a three year span? That's a hell of a run.I pity the fool who believes that honkey bullshit

I said my last goodbye yesterday morning to my old friend Mr. Giles. Sporting a badly cut mohawk haircut, wearing the same clothes from two days before, stinking to high heaven with no socks on, and covered from head to toe in bug bites, I embraced my friend for what could be the last time in a long time.

He leaves on his own journey in a few months and so the next time I may see him might possibly be next summer, if things worked out that way.

On balance it was a good trip. a few hiccups here and there, didn’t sell any books, and didn’t perform as much as I should’ve. I could’ve easily just quit once the Toronto phase ended but it was important to see the rest of the east coast and get rid of those regional biases.

Glad to be back in Tulsa believe it or not. Love the slow laid back pace. It feels quite nice and Oklahoma feels very down to earth after being in the big cities back east.

Philadelphia was surprisingly friendly. I never felt threatened, but I imagine that it was pretty hard in south Philly for a black man in the 80’s. Especially with the “Rocky” craze going on back then. White people rooted for Rocky a little too much if you know what I mean.

So what now you ask?

Well, lot’s and lots of work. Halfway through the trip I realized just how much harder I was going to have to push in order to be where I wanted to be. and so the work begins.

I’ve got lots of flights to book, things to write, and people to email. It’s going to be an interesting rest of the year.

Nothing like traveling to confirm where you are as a person and in life. I’ve grown rather fond of Tulsa and my job and life here. I have good friends and a good job and Oklahoma is a rather nice place to hole up for a while. I have no regrets about coming here and no matter where I end up in the next 10-15 months, I’ll always love it here.

My scent and chemistry have been changed by the sights and sounds of traveling and now I’ve got to take that momentum and push forward. It will take a little bit to process things but for now its back to the grind.

see ya in a couple of weeks.



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