Canadian Bacon

13 Jul

Big Bear!! Big Bear!!!! Chase me!!!!!

Big Bear!! Big Bear!!!! Chase me!!!!!

Top 13 reasons why I love Canadians:

1)Bret “Hitman” Hart (My favorite wrestler of all time)
2)Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms (and Felix “the cat” Potvin)
3)The Band
4)Do Make Say think
5)Wolverine (from the Yukon and favorite comic book hero ever)
6) Broken Social Scene
7)Mark Messier (We have the same birthday)
8)1992 Toronto Blue Jays (David Cone was a stud and another Capricorn)
9) Arcade Fire
10)Neil Young (more on him later)
11)Kids in the Hall
12) John Candy
13) Godspeed You Black Emperor

I’m sure I’ll find more reasons on my next visit in August. That’s right bitches.

“I’m going back to Canada on a Journey Thru the Past. Will I still be in your heart and on your mind?” ~Neil Young~


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