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Summer Holiday Day 23: I Don’t Understand It

17 Jun

Mexico City has been hella dope. Watched the Golden State game last night from this swank bar with a Texan friend and his gal, and we got it in. Lots of Mezcal and Clamato on some plush furniture as the Warriors brought the title back to the Bay Area.

I knew I was going to have to pay a sucker’s fee when I first got into the bus station after a 25 hour bus ride from Austin. It was a beautiful trip, especially going through Monterrey, a city poetically placed in the mountains. It was a spectacular ride at times, a scary one at others. We hit at least 3 checkpoints where i had to bust out my passport and visa. There were definitely some moments late that night where I wondered aloud what I would do if a cartel came aboard our vessel like pirates. I’m glad I came to town via bus, but I would not recommend it for others, and I certainly would not do it again.

Roma Norte is great. A chill, slightly upscale part of the city where it is loud, but not nearly as crazy as some of the other parts of Mexico City. I’m taking advantage of the 15 peso to 1 dollar exchange rate here. Drinking has been fun, but the food itself has been pretty meh. There are loads of street vendors about town serving up sizzling dishes that smell yummy, but I still haven’t figured out where they wash their hands after handling the raw pieces of pork and bistec.

Drivers are crazy here too. You have to keep your head on a swivel. I almost got pasted by a commuter bus yesterday when I wasn’t paying attention to where I was standing.

Mexico City is a dope spot, but you can’t come down here clowning and being disrespectful. The police carry uzis on their hip.021 019 020 001 002 003 004 005 009 010 011 012 013 014 016

Summer Holiday Days 17-22 :Ceremony

16 Jun

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Summer Holiday Day 17

11 Jun

Summer Holiday Days 15 and 16: Postcards from 2015

10 Jun

Montana is as beautiful as they say. #believethehype. I haven’t been that overwhelmed with beauty since my trip through the Canadian Rockies back in 2010.

If Montana were a woman, she’d be catcalled and sexually harassed. “Damn Montana….you be looking good gurl……gon’ ahead–let me feel on that booty. MMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!

Majestic terrain, clean air and gorgeous rivers, goodbye Montana. Fare thee well.

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Summer Holiday Day 14 : Vacation of a Lifetime

9 Jun


Quick Notes: If anyone tells you that the Acropolis is the best place to get a steak in town, they are either severely mistaken or lying to you. Not only is the “A CRAP” is not the “best steak in town”, it is also the worst strip club you will ever go to in your life. You will be praying that these women will keep their clothes on. “Oh God. Please tell me she is a waitress and not a dancer. Oh no She is going on stage next. When will those flipping steaks be done?” These were just a few of my thoughts that night.

Seattle is a lot cooler than it was when I first visited 10 years ago. It is still ridiculously white washed, but is a more palatable place to spend time than San Francisco. Spent the day getting drinks with friends in the Capital Hill area, and swam at Colman Pool in the afternoon. With a heated saltwater pool overlooking the Peninsula, I thought my weekend couldn’t get better. Sunday morning I left my phone in the hotel room and had a 45 minute complimentary breakfast, going back for seconds, enjoying every gulp of orange juice and every bite of bacon,eggs, and roasted potatoes.

Seattle is popping. If I made 6 figures, I could see myself entertaining the thought of moving there. The traffic is a little insane, but I do like their Roasteries. Seattle is definitely on that next level.

Quote of the Week: “Only black people.” ~Worker at Tugboat Annie’s (in Olympia)  when asked if the Killer Whales had ever been know to eat people kayaking in the Puget Sound.

Summer Holiday Days 12 & 13

8 Jun

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Summer Holiday Day 12

7 Jun

Summer Holiday Day 11

6 Jun

Summer Holiday Day 10: PDX > SF

5 Jun

It is amazing how little money I have spent here in Portland in comparison to my time in San Francisco. Dining out in San Fran is akin to buying 3 meals a day at the airport for a full week. “Yeah I’ll take the 14.00 Grilled Cheese please on gluten free bread. Oh, that will be a dollar extra? Fine.”

Fuck that city. It deserves everything that is coming to it in the next 10 years when the cyborgs take over. I think the Warriors are making a serious mistake moving over there. It will severely neuter that fanbase, and I doubt the new arena will get anywhere as krunk as the Oracle. Anyway, Portland is just as dope as ever. I can’t believe it has been 2 years since my last visit up here. I need to come back ASAP like Rocky.There is nothing like summers up here. Just plain gorgeous.


Summer Holidays Day 9: What about Bobby?

5 Jun

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